江蘇農華智慧農業科技股份有限公司 (Jiangsu Nonghua Intelligent Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.*) (“NH Intelligent”) (approximately 26.06% of the equity interest of NH Intelligent is owned by 江蘇江動 集團有限公司 (Jiangsu Jiangdong Group Co., Ltd*) (“Jiangsu Jiangdong”) and approximately 69.30% of the equity interest of Jiangsu Jiangdong is owned by 重慶東銀控股集團有限公司 (Chongqing Doyen Holdings Group Co., Ltd.*) (“Chongqing Doyen”) as at the date of this announcement, approximately 77.78% and 22.22% of the equity interest of Chongqing Doyen is owned by Mr. Lo Siu Yu, the chairman and executive director of the Company and his spouse respectively as at the date of this announcement) targets at becoming a comprehensive agricultural service provider, and currently owns three platforms including Nongyi cloud, agricultural products traceability as well as agriculture IOT, and its business will involve the agricultural informatization and IOT applications. In addition, NH Intelligent holds 60% equity interest of 上海農易信息技術有限公司 (Shanghai Nongyi Information Technology Co., Ltd*) (“Shanghai Nongyi”). Shanghai Nongyi primarily engages in software development of agricultural farming informatization, systems integration and information service and other aspects, wherein some products have been already promoted and applied all over the country including agricultural comprehensive service information inquiry system, agricultural safety traceability platform, agricultural e-commerce platform, integrated management platform for agriculture IOT and others.